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Welcome to our searchable database. While all of Jodek's fabrics share the commonality of being of superior quality, their weights, colors, compositions, and styles vary to meet the every fashion demand. We have designed our database with two purposes in mind:

1.) To check availability of cloths. As seasons and bunch books change, fabrics inevitably become temporarily delayed or discontinued. Jodek's staff is always available to assist you with any questions you have about our fabrics. In addition to our personal support, please feel free to check the status of a fabric in our database below.

2.) To help you find a fabric. With over 6000 different stock supported options for every season, use, and style, it is helpful to have an automated way to narrow down what best suits your needs. Again, our staff is always available to help direct you, but entering key criteria below will help suggest a list of possible options.

Because fabric differences are often subtle, and the true nature of a cloth is something that can only be appreciated tactilely, we have designed our search criteria to cast a wide net. For example, we have chosen basic color options (blue, grey, black, etc.) rather than list every shade name. To find a charcoal fabric, for instance, try searching with the color Grey and the color grade Dark.

We update and grow our database constantly. Please do not hesitate to contact our offices directly with any questions that come up.
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