William Halsted




William Halstead / Standeven was founded in the heart of the Yorkshire textile region in 1875 and has been in its present location since 1890.  From its establishment, William Halstead has specialized in producing some of the world's finest suiting qualities - a tradition that remains alive and well today.

William Halstead is one of just a handful of manufacturers left in the UK who, with its highly skilled, dedicated and experienced workforce, still weave every inch of their cloth on their own Dornier looms at the mill.

This "in house" weaving enables Halstead to ensure that the highest standard of quality control is applied at every stage of the production process, from receipt of raw material through to final inspection.

William Halstead enjoys an unrivalled, worldwide reputation for producing the world's finest mohairs and fine worsteds.  Halstead is one of a select few specialist weavers in the world licensed to weave both CamdebooÔ and also Pure EscorialÔ wool.

No compromises are made at any stage of the weaving process.  Dedicated to the glorious British weaving traditions, Halstead cloths are two fold in warp and weft. Pegs are well set in the warping process, and at every stage of the production process, Halstead cloths are critically examined.

William Halstead cloths are the embodiment of everything that has made British textiles superior - experience the tradition of quality on your cutting table.


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