joshua_ellis_fabric_melange.jpgSince 1767, the name Joshua Ellis & Co Ltd has been synonymous with the production of high quality luxurious fabrics including cashmere, lambswool, vicuna, angora and camelhair.  Joshua Ellis continues this tradition today and stands out as one of the highest quality weavers of luxury cloths in the world. 

Starting with the acquisition of the finest quality fibers, the entire production of the cloth takes place in Yorkshire, the traditional British home of textile weaving.  The yarns are dyed and spun in Yorkshire and thereafter all processes including warping, weaving and finishing all take place at the mill insuring the highest quality at every stage of production.

The specialist knowledge, expertise, and traditional skills of the team at Joshua Ellis have been passed down from generation to generation. This wealth of experience coupled with continuous investment in the latest technology has made Joshua Ellis a world leader in innovative cloth production.  The result is the finest luxury cloth in the world.

joshua_ellis_warping_spools.jpgAlong with the many fine cloths produced by Joshua Ellis, Jodek is proud to also offer white cashmere (which requires special production procedures) and a line of customizable scarves and stoles.

Treat yourself to luxury!