All Breanish cloths are hand woven on a traditional single width Hattersley loom by master weavers from 100% pure natural yarns that are dyed and spun in Scotland.

Before Breanish Tweeds are woven, they are all  warped by hand guaranteeing a genuine hand-woven cloth.  They are then passed to expert weavers who use traditional techniques and looms to produce the finest of cloths. Breanish high quality tweeds are made from Shetland wool, lambswool, and cashmere .

Pleasing to the eye and the hand alike, Breanish Tweeds are favored by those who know and appreciate excellent cloths.  While the  weaving techniques follow the careful  traditions that have made Scottish cloths world famous, Breanish introduces new colors and yarn types to create this unique cloth.

In addition to these stock supported selections, we are also happy to offer the ability to custom design and weave the cloths of your choice.  Because all of these cloths are handwoven, color, yarn type, and pattern can all be specially designed for you, by you, all with low minimum yardages.

Please inquire with our office for more details on custom designing and weaving patterns.